Saturday, 13 August 2011

Aerosmith VH fan as the next in line of fire from Nui Te Koha Triple M Radio

Soundwave festival tour of Australia after the collapse of the revolution, rumors were rife about exactly who is guilty.

V Festival tickets

In an interview with radio station Nova 969 Chris suggested that the band tried to nail him as co-headliner was unsuccessful in question failed to commit in time

Internet rumors point fingers limp Bizkit jump the gun and looked at, the front man Fred Durst was immediately ruled out:

"FYI, we were never on the bill to play any festival down under. So it looks like Van Halen cancels and we get thrown into the mix. Classic."

It now appears that Aerosmith VH fan as the next in line of fire from Nui Te Koha Triple M Radio has announced on his breakfast show that administrators for the office of the Boston rockers chased.

Nui, however, but this activity is sure to hide the real problem was used as a smokescreen - poor ticket sales.

He said:
"The organisers were saying they were waiting for a number 2 headliner, but the fact of the matter was ticket sales were lagging."

As a further blow he also confirmed that Van Halen headline festival shows will be posted after the cancellation is not running:

"There is no tour", Nui said. "The word from the band overnight to me is that there are no plans to tour Australia. So no Van Halen."

An unnoficial fan site was also quick to absolve Van Halen from any blame with regards to the festival cancellation.

Van Halen also a unnoficial fan site about the cancellation of the festival was immediately relieved of any charges.
Van Halen News Desk said:

"When it was announced that the Soundwave Revolution festival in Australia was cancelled yesterday, some fans were quick to blame Van Halen, assuming that they must have pulled out of the festival. The truth is, Van Halen DID NOT pull out of Soundwave Revolution, and had nothing to do with the festival being cancelled."

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